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The Awesome Pot® multi purpose grow bags are ideal for urban gardening, patios, parking lots, vertical gardens, roof gardens, sculptural gardens, hydroponics, aquaculture, indoor, outdoor, erosion control, tree farming, major agriculture and home gardens.

The Harvest Pot.tm grow bags are perfect for the industrious & production gardeners.


  • Traditional grow containers don’t breathe well, keeping the root zone of your plants stagnant and can easily over heat on warm days. Our containers allow for healthy root systems to flourish, breathe better and be more prolific.
  • In a conventional planter, roots will fill the grow medium and begin to bind creating a root ball and stunting a plant’s growth. A plant that has experienced root balling often goes into shock upon transplantation. The breathe-ability of Awesome Harvest grow bags self prune roots and prevents this issue. The roots reach the edge of the bag, self prune and then send out new roots. The plant does not become bound and can therefore grow to its maximum potential and be successfully transplanted. Roots are also able to grow though the fabric, enabling transplantation of smaller bags into larger bags without plant removal, eliminating transplantation shock.
  • Attachment points make staking for trellising, tying strings for training branches, connecting bags together, hoisting, suspending, and anchoring a cinch!